Tent Service

You get to choose between our two size tents. Both are set up and packed up for you each day! 

Watering Hole

This is our communal shaded area where everyone can gather and refuel. Enjoy refreshments and each others company.

Hotel Check-In

During your tour, enjoy hassle free check in! Once you arrive see a staff representative for your personalized check-in.  

Luggage Valet

Whether we're camping or checking into a hotel, we've got it handled. Your bags are already there, waiting for you! 

Air Mattress

Our mattresses come in two sizes! You can choose between twin or queen, both come fully inflated!  

The Juice Bar

We don't actually have any juice. "The Juice Bar" is a secure area where you can charge your devices via USB plug. 

Support & Gear

We make sure you have everything you need. We are strategically placed along the route with supplies and snacks!

Curated Events

Whether is meals, games or group outings, there is always something going on! Escape your comfort zone, try something new!

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