Ride dates recently announced:  July 19th - 25th 2020

Tour Overview:

Dates: July 19 - 25th 2020

Length: 7 Day 6 Night

Distance: To Be Announced

Daily Average: To Be Announced

Difficulty: Challenging

What's Included:

  • Shuttle from long term parking to starting town 
  • Bicycle and luggage transportation 
  • Provided tent (2 size options) with daily setup/teardown
  • Private luggage transportation and delivery, daily
  • Inflated air mattress, twin or queen size
  • "The Juice Bar" for charging electronics via USB
  • Camping chairs and shade
  • Snacks and cold drinks at camp daily
  • Workstands and pumps
  • Coffee and Tea in the morning

The Charter Experience - Without the Charter Drama

Our goal for RAGBRAI is to provide an exclusive group of riders with a highly personalized experience.

Our featured 2019 RAGBRAI rider...

Melissa, YOU inspire us! Thanks for an amazing RAGBRAI 2019!

"I just wanted to say again how awesome RAGBRAI was. Last year was my first attempt at it and I had a ride-ending crash that bought me a trip to the ER, months of therapy, and eventually surgery on my neck on Christmas Eve. It's been a tough recovery and going again this year was a big boost for me. I was also dealing with iron deficient anemia on this years ride and wasn't sure I'd be up for it. I was disappointed I didn't feel I could manage the last days ride, but grateful I completed the first six in full. Thank you again for the ride in the van to allow me to at least ride part of the seventh day. I am definitely going next year and bringing my boyfriend Andy. You are awesome and I will use your services again and again!"

Questions about the tour...

Are there any meals included?

  • We will offer coffee in the mornings and we will have light snacks with soda and water in camp in the evenings but no full meals. We recommend the local food vendors in the overnight towns!

What do we do about showers and restrooms?

  • We have our own private restrooms in camp. There are several vendors that offer showers and towels around RAGBRAI for a small additional fee.

Will there be electricity to use my CPAP machine?

  • At this time, we can not guarantee each overnight location has electric hookup. We recommend using a portable battery - we will make sure it's fully charged during the day while you ride!

Travel and Bike Shipping...

We will be providing you with a luxury charter bus for your trip from the long term parking area to the starting town. Once you have parked your car, bring your luggage and bicycle to the pick up area for loading.

We will ensure that you bike is transported safely from the long term parking area in the end town (to be announced) and returned to you at the starting town (to be announced). If you are shipping your bike to the starting town before the ride begins, we recommend using Air Caddy! The official RAGBRAI site has a full range shipping options and details. If you need any direction in this area please let us know how we can help!