Dates: 06/09/22 - 08/10/22
Length: 62 Days
Distance: 3400 Miles
Daily Average: 54 Miles
Difficulty: Challenging


Pricing: $15,500 pp/dbl occ
*rooming restrictions prevent single supplement for this tour - all rooms are booked double occupancy - we will assist individuals in finding a same gender roommate!

What's Included:

  • Fully supported riding days
  • 62 nights lodging - Inn to Inn
  • All breakfasts and lunches, 4 dinners
  • Luggage transportation and delivery service
  • SAG stops with snacks and refreshments
  • Daily route sheets (printed and digital)
  • Van supported - SAG Shuttle
  • Professional mechanic on-site

Tour Overview


62 Nights Lodging Included - We take care of all the advanced booking and reservations.


When breakfast is not available through our overnight location, we will provide a continental breakfast. All lunches included.

Support & Gear

Ride with confidence, our tour is van supported and the A-Team is strategically placed  on-route with food and water. 

Luggage Delivery

While you're riding, the A-Team is transporting your luggage down the road. We will check you in and deliver your bags.

Tour Length

We meet in Seattle, Washington  on day one (June 8th) to start our adventure. 62 Days later we will end in Portland, Maine (August 9th). 

R & R Days

We have integrated "rest days" to give you time to recover and make your trip more enjoyable. Enjoy some down time or go out and explore the area. 

Tour Distance

Total mileage for this tour is just over 3400 miles. We have a very manageable 54 mile per day average. The SAG van can bump you forward if needed!


Whether you have joined the tour on your own or with a companion, you will leave with 20 new friends and a lifetime of memories!

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Tour Highlights...

Rest and Relax Days:

  • Seattle WA (Starting Location)
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID
  • Lake McDonald, MT
  • Dickinson, ND
  • Frankenmuth, MI
  • Niagra Falls 
  • Portland ME (Ending Location)

Some other tour highlights include:

  • Inn to Inn the whole way - you get a bed and a shower every night!
  • Cycling through the mountains - Cascades, Rockies and Appalachians
  • National Parks and Historic Landmarks:
  • Glacier National Park
  • Logan's Pass
  • Ferry ride across Lake Michigan (Included with tour)
  • Erie Canal Trail
  • Niagara Falls

* Daily mileage and elevation available upon request! *

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Arrival and Departure...

2022 tour dates TBD. If you are planning on extending your trip at either end please make alternate transportation and lodging arrangements.

Arriving: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

All travel arrangements at the beginning of the trip should be made through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A-Team shuttles will be available on Monday June 8th from the airport to our first overnight hotel. Please coordinate your travel plans with us so we can be ready for you when you arrive.

Departing: Portland International Jetport

Departure arrangements should be made through Portland International Jetport in Portland ME. Our final hotel will offer shuttle service to the suggested airport. The A-Team will work with the hotel to organize transportation for the group.

Details About the Tour...

*More details are being released everyday! Keep checking back for more information about tour specifics* 


  • We will take care of all the reservations and booking for the entire trip. All rooms are booked for double occupancy and you will be placed with a roommate for the entirety of the trip. If you have a preferred roommate, please specify on your registration.
  • Your included lodging begins in Seattle, Washington. After you fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a shuttle will take you to our meeting place and first overnight location. All 62 nights of lodging are covered in the cost of the tour. 
  • We will be staying at a mixture of hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts. You will find there are some desolate areas as we travel through the country. In many places there may only be one option for lodging. We will always choose the best available option the area has to offer.


  • All breakfasts are included in this tour. Many of the overnight locations offer breakfast on site but not all are included. For those mornings we will provide a continental style breakfast in house. We will provide things like: coffee, cereal, bagels, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, pastries etc. We will try to switch things up frequently and offer local favorites from along the way. Filling out your preference sheet during registration will help us ensure we have a good variety that include your favorites.
  • All lunches are also included in this tour! There are many days on the road you will not find adequate food options, that's where we come in. Instead of eating gas station hot dogs or a sandwich that's been smashed in your back jersey pocket all day, we will be there to provide nutritious options along the route. A variety of options will be provided on a daily basis. Again, completing your preference sheet will ensure we have your favorites. 
  • Dinners are NOT included in this tour with a few exceptions. We will have at least four scheduled dinners as a group. One at the beginning and end of the tour and two more in the middle. Dinner will not be a planned event every evening. That being said - you are not left on your own. The A-Team will provide you with the local options when available and offer a shuttle for anything outside a mile. 
  • Snacks and Drinks are provided at the SAG stops along the way. During the day we are on the road with you to make sure you have everything you need. Strategically placed along the route, full SAG stops will include fresh water, soft drinks and light snacks. Completing your preference sheet will help us have exactly what you need to get you through the day.
  • We work very hard to ensure those with food allergies and/or special dietary needs will be supported given specific attention during shopping and meal prep.

Support & Gear

  • Each evening, you will be given a printed copy of the next days ride. This includes an overall map and turn-by-turn directions. We will discuss each days route in greater detail and answer any questions or concerns anyone may have. A digital file can be provided ahead of time upon request for Garmin users. All attractions, gas stations, restrooms, SAG stops etc will be included on your route sheets - no searching or wondering what to expect.
  • SAG stops are strategically placed throughout the route each day. We will have two different types of stops, "check-in" stops or "full SAG" stops. Check-In's will be a quick stop where we can verify you are safe and on route while you refill your water bottles. A full SAG stop will include a seating area with shade, water, soft drinks, snacks or lunch. First aid always available at every stops.
  • The ultimate "mental insurance policy" on your cross country tour - this is a van supported tour! We want you to ride every inch but if you are unable to ride for whatever reason, rest assured knowing that you are never left stranded.

What's NOT Included

  • Your travel expenses to and from the tour. All arrangements to the starting location and from the ending location must be made outside the tour.
  • Most dinners
  • No drama llama included

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Frequently Asked Q's...

How do I take care of laundry during the trip?

  • During this tour, you will have ample opportunity to get your laundry done, as many of the overnight locations we stay at will have "coin laundry". We will have that information ahead of time and coordinate with the group.

What should I do about shipping my bike?

  • Most people find it easiest to ship their bicycle ahead of time and have it built and ready to ride when you land at the starting point. Your bicycle can be shipped to a local bike shop in Seattle, Washington for assembly.  
  • At this time, we are in contact with several local bike shops in the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Maine areas and are negotiating the best deal possible. We will update with specific information when we have finalized details. 

Can I have a friend or relative join us on the tour for a few days?

  • Of course! We ask that all preparations for visits be approved by the A-Team and made well in advance before their arrival.
  • There may be additional costs - all rooming and travel accommodations for guests must be made separate from the tour.

What if I have mechanical issues along the way?

  • We recommend that all participants have a basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics (ie: inflate tires, how to change a flat, put a chain back on, bike safety etc.) However, when you ride with Alpaca Adventure Tours you are never left stranded on the road. We have a 25+ year professional mechanic that travels along with us for more serious issues. 

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