Tour Details:

Dates: TBD September

Length: 7 Days 7 Nights

Distance: 260 Miles

Daily Average: 43 Miles

Difficulty: Challenging


Individual Pricing: $2,600

Private Room: $875 (plus individual price)

What's Included:

  • 7 nights hotel lodging
  • 6 breakfast - 6 dinners
  • 6 riding days
  • Luggage transportation and valet service
  • SAG stops with snacks and refreshments
  • Daily route sheets with marked attractions
  • Optional mileage - SAG Shuttle
  • Airport Shuttle - Rapid City SD Regional
  • On site mechanic

Mount Rushmore Highlights...

Start your adventure in Rapid City located just east of Badlands National Park, in the flowing plains of South Dakota. As you pedal your way through the tour you will see two very diverse worlds collide!  Moving westward you will see the landscape shift in two. The towering, fossil rich buttes and the mountains so thick with trees natives called them the Black Hills. No matter where you are, there is something beautiful and unique to look at.

For two days of your adventure, you will be riding the Mickelson Rail Trail that cuts through the park. Ride through our nations history along the same path as Lewis and Clarke, stay in Deadwood - a historic gold mining settlement and of course experience Mount Rushmore that is nestled in Badlands National Park. 

Travel: Arrival and Departure...

This tour is a full loop - we will begin and end at the same location. If you plan on flying, make your arrival and departure travel arrangements through Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota

At the start of the tour we will provide Alpaca Shuttles from the airport to our first overnight location, Hilton Garden Inn. Please coordinate your travel plans with the A-team so we have shuttles accessible when you arrive. 

On the departure day, we will begin running Alpaca Shuttles after breakfast, through checkout. Alternate arrangements will need to be made on your own if traveling outside the Alpaca Shuttle window.

Questions about the tour...

What if I plan on driving to the start point?

  • If you are driving, you should head to The Hilton Garden Inn where there will be long term parking available for no additional fees.

How do I get my bike there?

  • We recommend for the cheapest shipping rate. As always, we offer our in-house professional build and breakdown for an additional $120. Additional options available upon request.

Can I rent a bike?

  • There are bike rental options near the starting point. The A-Team will take care of pick-up and drop off at the beginning and end of the tour.

Daily Breakdown:

Day 1 - No Miles

Friday: Airport arrival and shuttle to hotel

  • Alpaca Shuttle pick-up at Rapid City Regional Airport
  • Lodging at Hilton Garden Inn
  • Registration and Rider Meeting
  • Welcome dinner

Day 2 : Rapid City to Deadwood

Miles: 49.3
Altitude: 3,074ft - 4,888 ft
Climb: 3,310 ft
Descent: 1,667 ft

  • Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Lodging at The Lodge at Deadwood
  • Group dinner and rider meeting

Day 3 - Deadwood to Hill City

Miles: 50.5
Altitude: 4,469 - 6,220 ft
Climb: 3,012 ft
Descent: 2,907 ft

  • Breakfast at The Lodge at Deadwood
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Lodging at The Holiday Inn Express
  • Group dinner and rider meeting

Day 4 - Hill City to Edgemont

Miles: 53.4
Altitude: 3,822 - 5,853 ft
Climb: 1,722 ft
Descent: 2,805 ft

  • Breakfast at The Holiday Inn Express
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Lodging at Sunrise Ranch
  • Group dinner and rider meeting

Day 5 - Edgemont to Custer

Miles: 56.3
Altitude: 3,839 - 5512 ft
Climb: 2,516 ft
Descent: 2,228 ft

  • Breakfast at The Sunrise Ranch
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Lodging at The State Game Lodge
  • Group dinner and rider meeting

Day 6 - Custer to Mount Rushmore to Hill City

Miles: 28.4
Altitude: 3,832 - 5512 ft
Climb: 3,379 ft
Descent: 2,595 ft 

  • Breakfast at The State Game Lodge
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Visit Mount Rushmore
  • Lodging at The Holiday Inn Express
  • Group dinner and rider meeting

Day 7 - Hill City to Rapid City

Miles: 29.5
Altitude: 3,212 - 5,276 ft
Climb: 833 ft
Descent: 2,589 ft

  • Breakfast at The Holiday Inn Express
  • Daily ride with SAG support
  • Lodging at the Hilton Garden Inn
  • Farewell group dinner

Day 8 - No miles

Airport departure and shuttle to airport

  • Shuttles will begin in the morning at breakfast and continue through hotel check-out

See the Badlands like never before